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The testimonials below highlight just some of the great feedback about EDGE we've received from coaches around the country. Coaches repeatedly say that the site is "easy to use", it's "totally interactive" and provides "instant and in-depth feedback". In addition, Collegiate Baseball called us "Best in Show" in 2011 for making information "clear, concise and easy to interpret."

EDGE makes major league sophistication affordable for all levels of baseball and softball. Sign up today and join hundreds of other teams gaining their EDGE!

Top programs find their EDGE!

University of Alabama

Ally Habetz - Associate Head Coach

"EDGE is AWESOME!!! Really great stuff! Our coaches love it and our players will too!! Easy access and good info … doesn't get any better than that!!"

Auburn University

John Pawlowski - Head Baseball Coach

"The system of collecting, organizing and analyzing baseball data that EDGE has perfected is second to none. It is essential baseball equipment."

Mississippi State University

Jay Miller - Head Softball Coach

"We all keep charts, but EDGE puts it at your fingertips. Their information is outstanding and will make both your pitchers and your hitters better."

Arizona State University

Brendan Cunningham - Director of Baseball Operations

"Our guys have been going online after each of their starts. Our pitching coach loves the immediate feedback he gets from EDGE."

Sacramento State University

Reggie Christiansen - Associate Head Baseball Coach

"Our players love the instant feedback that EDGE provides. It gives them a realistic sense of where they are at. Plus, our coaching staff saves so much time, we can now spend more time preparing our players in other ways. EDGE is absolutely big-time."

University of North Carolina

Scott Jackson - Assistant Baseball Coach

"Our players use EDGE to track their tendencies and target areas of their game to improve, both at the plate and on the mound. Ultimately that helps us win. The best part is that it's available instantly via the web and can be utilized at any time or place we need information. We can't live without it!"

The Citadel

Randy Carlson - Assistant Baseball Coach

"We really like the idea of having everything online and being able to access it from any computer. This saves me a TON of time. Awesome!"

Salisbury University

Margie Knight - Head Softball Coach

"The web version is a tremendous addition to this terrific teaching and scouting tool. It will become an everyday tool, not just a game day program. I just spent 20 minutes with a player showing her the program and she said "WOW!!!!!!""

Orono High School (MN)

Bucky Mieras - Head Baseball Coach

"WE LOVE YOUR PROGRAM! We use it for motivation and learning. The kids enjoy it so much, they were even throwing bullpens and teaching each other on their own without the coaches."