What is EDGE?

EDGE is an easy to use baseball and softball app with Moneyball-like reporting plus in-depth stats that improve player and team performance. Simply chart a game or practice (bullpen and batting cage sessions) on your mobile device. EDGE will instantly provide feedback and generate reports that normally take hours to compile!

Trusted! Used by 300+ teams, including 30% of NCAA D1!
Powerful! Click here to view sample screenshots and reports
Affordable! $199 for under age 18 teams, $299 for college

EDGE = Success!

Winners use EDGE. Over 300 College, High School, and Youth Baseball and Softball teams use EDGE to win. Check out the success from these 2011 NCAA Division 1 EDGE baseball teams:

-17 of the 31 of Conference champions
-18 of the Top 25 ranked teams
-6 of the 8 College World Series teams

"Our players use EDGE to track their tendencies and target areas of their game to improve, both at the plate and on the mound. Ultimately that helps us win. The best part is that it's available instantly via the web and can be utilized at any time or place we need information. We use EDGE to scout our opponents and gather as much information as possible to prepare for each game. We can't live without it!"

-Scott Jackson, Assistant Baseball Coach, University of North Carolina

Strike Zone View

For your team - Are they hitting their spots when pitching from the windup versus the stretch? How are they doing when they get ahead in the count? Or fall behind? Are they struggling with a particular type of pitch?

For scouting – What tendencies does our opponent's pitcher have? Is the pitcher always throwing fastballs when he is behind in the count? Are they able to consistently keep the ball down in the zone or make hitters chase?

Hit Zone View

For your team – Which part of the strike zone is each hitter's strength or weakness? Are they the same against righties and lefties? How do they perform with 2 strikes? Are they taking enough pitches in their cold zones?

For scouting – What tendencies from our upcoming opponent's hitters can we use to prepare our approach? Where should our pitchers attack? How does their coach call pitches in tight situations?

Spray Chart View

For your team – Where are my hitters hitting the ball for hits vs. outs? Are they pulling everything or are they hitting to all fields?

For scouting – Where should I position my infielders and outfielders for each hitter?

Player Grades and Reports

View sample screenshots and reports

For your team – How are my hitters and pitchers doing across a game, set of games, or season? What are my players grades and how can each of them understand their strengths and improve on their weaknesses?

For scouting – Which of their players are hot right now? What players should we pitch around and others we should go after?

How does EDGE work?

First, you track your game using the Mobile app called iScore and your practice bullpen and batting cage sessions with the EDGE app by using an iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad or Android device. When the game or practice is done, just export the data to your EDGE website where you and your players can then view the results. Users tell us it's very easy and fun to use.

What are some of the benefits?

EDGE is an interactive, in-depth app that allows you to get instant feedback for:

  • Player and Team improvement: Teams have found significant performance improvement by their players simply by understanding their own trends and working on their areas of improvement.
  • Scouting opponents: Teams can understand how their opponent's trends and have insight into tendencies and adjust accordingly

What are some of the features that EDGE provides?

  • Trends for hitters and pitchers across:
    • pitch type, count, velocity and location
    • given game, a set of games, or a season
    • right/left splits, counts, and runners on base
  • Pitcher vs. Hitter matchups
  • Hot and cold hit zones
  • Spray charts
  • Grades for players for performance and advanced statistics
  • Ability to scout opponents to understand tendencies
  • Dozens of reports that export to Excel for easy printing

What are the system and internet connectivity requirements?

You will need an iPad, iPhone, iPad Touch, or Android device to capture the game and/or practice sessions. You do not need internet connectivity for this step. Once the game or practice is over, you will need internet connectivity to export the data to the EDGE website. You will then login from your laptop or computer to access your EDGE data with your EDGE username/password (which we would provide once you signup).

How many teams are currently using EDGE today?

We currently have over 300 teams connected to EDGE with more than 3000 registered players and coaches. The teams include both baseball and softball clubs, college to youth ages. 30% of NCAA Division 1 baseball teams and 20% of D1 softball teams trust EDGE to help them improve and win.

What is the price?

$199 per year for under age 18 teams
$299 per year for college aged teams

Can I cancel at any time if I'm not satisfied?

Yes, your satisfaction is guaranteed. You can cancel at any time and we'll refund the unused portion of your annual fee